This is an open forum of support for all passionate fem-identified people with a desire to learn, share their genius, and use their purpose to expand their impact.    You are here on a mission and this collective mastermind is designed to support your growth and success!

Play In Purpose Membership

Join the Collective of badass women leaders that are creating change and doing it more powerfully in the circle of connection and support.  All women have a powerful message to share and this group is a platform to grow it, expand it and share it louder.  

Power of Community

This Collective is designed to give powerhouse women leaders a space to come together and share their genius.  It's our belief that there is no force greater than a woman living her purpose.  

We come together as unique women leaders to foster growth through learning, creativity and connection.  

All are welcome here.

Play In Purpose Mastermind

Love the speaker series and want more creative value?  This is the option for you!  Join monthly to receive special workbooks, masterclasses

Increase Your Productivity with Curiosity and a Camera with Janet Caliri

The Art of Transmuting Pain into Power

Live Into The Work With Myisha T Hill

This workshop is an opportunity for white women to learn easy and actionable techniques to help better support our WOC partners.

Expand Your Business Using Intuition

View webinar Coming soon